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Recognising talent and encouraging lateral movement in entegro

At entegro, we aim to continuously listen to our employees and what their needs and wants are regarding their career and employment with us. Fostering an environment where they can freely approach management and suggest movement between separate functions of our organisation is so important to us in achieving employee satisfaction. This is because the opportunity for a sideways move may afford them new opportunities or access to new skills.

SHRM has found that ‘organizations that embrace lateral movement are building a multi-talented workforce—a workforce that can view the business through a wide-angle lens'. Hence the importance of this is placed internally when we are developing talent as part of our commitment to talent management throughout entegro.

Above all else we aim to retain our highly talented workforce, and so should they wish to make this move and have the aptitude to fulfil the role in question, we are there to encourage their decision and provide the means for them to excel though adequate training and necessary upskilling.

A great example of this in action at entegro is through the experience of our Junior Design Engineer, Samantha Reid who joined us in May of 2020, initially as a Telecoms Field Surveyor;

“I joined Entegro 10 months ago and I started as a surveyor on the NBI project and worked with an amazing team who helped me gain the knowledge and skills I needed to progress into the design department. In January, I then started as a Junior Design Engineer where I continued to work on the NBI project only now on the design and planning side which I am really enjoying so far. It’s been great to have the opportunity to progress internally and even from my first discussion with HR and the design team I have received great help and encouragement to make this change. I genuinely feel so lucky to have this opportunity to continue working throughout a global pandemic and Entegro make going to work every day very easy for me. I look forward to a long career in telecoms.”

Anita Walsh, Head of People & Talent at entegro, explains the value in developing our talent management process as part of our wider HR Strategy;

“Developing our talent at entegro is a core part of our HR Strategy. We encourage lateral moves within teams. The Talent Management Pillar of any HR Strategy should include lateral moves and our view is that it should be a ‘must have’ versus ‘a nice to have’. There are benefits to both the employee and company, including the opportunity to work with a new manager and new team. A lateral move can be a pathway to pursuing future career opportunities gaining new skills, knowledge and responsibilities."

Benefits to for the company include;

  • Keeping knowledge in the company
  • Succussion planning readiness at all company career levels and future requirements 
  • Reducing employee turnover

Making an action to seek out what opportunities there are within your company is the first step to pursuing the achievement of your career goals. We encourage employees to talk to their manger surrounding the career conversation, commit themselves to their career and seek out the opportunities for development.

We are always adding great talent at entegro if you have read this article and want to know more, reach out to us for more information. 


Samantha Reid, in her role as Telecoms Field Surveyor in May 2020



Posted on 23 Mar 2021.

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