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Fibre Design

High Level Design is produced according to a client’s individual requirements: build area, number of homes to be reached, new ductwork routes, third party infrastructure, location of associated street furniture and other variables. At this point the cost of delivering the design is calculated and included along with:

  • A cluster Segmentation Drawing for town
  • An Overview Drawing with Feeder Routes from the Points of Presence (POPs) to the breakout locations
  • A Single Line Diagram with Feeder Routes and Joint Locations from the POP’s to the breakout locations
  • An Overview Drawing showing the construction type classification of all areas including red zone areas
  • A High Level (HL) Town Addressable Market List
  • An HL Town Bill of Material (BOM) and Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

Once the High Level Design has been reviewed, evaluated and agreed, the project moves on to Low Level Design, which produces the next level of detail:

  • Civil/ROL Drawings
  • Sub Ducting and Cabling Drawings
  • Splicing Drawings
  • Addressable Market List, along with suggested Drop Type for units
  • Bill of Material
  • Bill of Quantities

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