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Managed Layer

Managed Layer refers to the processes by which optical signals are transmitted and managed within the Fibre Optic Network. Entegro personnel have wide experience in this area and operate across a variety of systems depending on client requirements and the situation on the ground locally.


  • MPLS:
    MPLS, or Multi-protocol Label Switching, is a routing protocol used in packet-based networks. MPLS technology makes it possible for modern packet networks deliver advanced service offerings. The MPLS platform provides layer 2 and 3 routing capabilities, advanced traffic management and hierarchical QOS. It also allows operators to build, operate and maintain a scalable IP/MPLS core network to meet the varying demands of its end customers. 
  • DWDM:
    DWDM, or Dense Wave Division Multiplexing, refers to the Multiplexing of optical wavelengths over single fibre pairs

  • GPON:
    GPON, or Gigabit Passive Optical Networks, are a cost-effective solution for enabling delivery of mass-deployment of high bandwidth products across low cost NTU drop boxes
  • Ethernet:
    Ethernet is a packet-based technology in telecoms networks used for both local and large area distribution of optical signals

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