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Infrastructure is central to the process. With high and low level designs in place and permissions granted, the work of putting the network in place begins. This involves a number of key challenges and skills, depending on the end-user locations.


Where networks connect with MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Units), Entegro’s engineers work alongside the proprietors to ensure secure connection and network compatibility. In some cases this is residents’ groups in other situations it’s management companies or local authorities. Entegro’s extensive experience delivering networks to all kinds of terrain, environment and municipality, ensures swift and smooth network implementation, all delivered with our hallmark integrity, courtesy and thoroughness.


Fibre Optic Cable, or fibre for short, is the benchmark medium for quality transfer of optical signals. As technology has evolved and new systems developed, Entegro has remained at the forefront of fibre installation and implementation.


As fibre networks are laid – underground or overhead – the need to join pieces of fibre cable is necessary to allow connections to branch off the main route to reach towns and individual homes along the route. This vital, highly skilled process ensures absolute continuation of clarity and signal to the end user.


As Fibre Optic Cable is a highly sensitive and precise medium, it's very important to ensure its integrity is maintained throughout the laying process and that it is protected from the elements once in place. Cabling refers to the protective layer surrounding the fibre which will keep the system functioning as new, for generations.


Terminating refers to the process by which a fibre optical cable is closed off. As well as protecting the fibre itself, termination ensures the signal carried by the cable is suitably contained.