Design & Planning Network Deployment Technical Services Consultancy Project Management


Entegro’s specialised, in-house design service covers everything from the network core, to distribution:

Access & Distribution

Entegro uses several design deployment technologies to deliver network access and connectivity within the last mile to the customer. We are experienced in the design of duct routes, street furniture placement, power source design (for next generation HFC active equipment), Point to Point and PON networks. We provide a consultative process in design and/or specification of associated network architecture and hardware.

Wholesale Networks

Entegro extends designs to utilise third-party wholesale network infrastructure, such as Openreach PIA ‘Duct and Pole Access’, with significant savings on new build construction.

Data Centres

Design and delivery of data centre infrastructure: critical power plant monitoring systems, racks, cabinets and associated telecommunication and computing equipment.


Entegro manages construction partners to ensure successful delivery of turnkey civil construction projects, from trenching, to duct installation and street furniture placement. Constant Quality Control is central to Entegro’s project management. Our in-house team of build inspectors and civil inspectors are there to oversee every detail in each step of the construction process, through to the ultimate delivery of the project on time, on budget and to the design plan.

Small Cell

Wireless densification is key to mobility and broadband access for more expensive urban and remote communities. Entegro has significant experience in the design of radio networks and supporting network backhaul.


Entegro has close working relationships with public bodies, local councils, property management companies and individual tenants. This has facilitated access and permission for building programs.