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Entegro Group Holdings continues to build digital networks for future generations

Entegro Group Holdings, the parent company of the leading Telecommunications Design and Deployment firm Entegro, has continually evolved to become the high-value engineering business it is today. Entegro continues to advance within the FTTH arena having evolved its fixed-line capability through the emphasis placed on innovation and internal tool development. Its top-tier clients in Ireland, the UK and the US continually rely on and place trust in the company’s expertise and resources to deliver success through quality solutions.
Entegro at its essence trusts and empowers its leadership and teams, to continually deliver excellence for Entegro’s clients. This focus has ensured that Entegro is now Europe’s best-in-class fixed network design services provider, and customers such as Virgin Media IE, SIRO, National Broadband Ireland, Cityfibre, Fibrus, Lumen, Ciena, Voneus, Jurassic Fibre, E-Net, PiPiper, and more have come to depend on Entegro’s expertise, experience, and high standard of service.

The group of highly-skilled employees within the organisation, can call on their collective expertise for engineering success and delivering Network Ingenuity for both clients and company alike. What the Entegro team brings together is a depth and breadth of experience in the fixed network design domain and hold a proven track record of delivering success in both rural and urban environments. In addition, the company’s ability to successfully mobilise for its clients by increasing its capacity by 46% in 2022 lends weight to the company's resourcing function.

As Entegro continues to enable society with digital infrastructure, the previous 12 months have shown successfully delivered designs for over 600,000 hp, in addition to the delivery of over 500km backhaul build projects in Northern Ireland. It is currently delivering FTTP surveys, designs, and wayleave management for 75,000 premises per month across the UK and Ireland. On top of this, over 5,000 turnkey MDU’s have been designed and built, as well as an urban upgrade of MDU’s of over 5,000 homes per month, and at the end of 2021, the company commenced a fibre upgrade program with one of its partners.

These projects encompass both retail and wholesale networks and are achieved by the company utilising its capability to innovate systems with enhanced tooling, which streamlines the process of surveying and designing PON networks. Entegro's innovation and experience, in conjunction with the expertise available internally through its team, is the value that clients benefit from. This is evident through the company's ability to rapidly ramp up and deliver high throughput, and high-quality output every time.

Along with the significant achievements in work completed within the Design & Planning and Network Build domain, Entegro has enhanced its capabilities in the Technical Services arena. This has been aided by strategic appointments to the Senior Management Team earlier in 2022, which will enable the company's efforts for clients globally with teams in ROI, the UK and the US.
Through its Certified Training Centre located in Kilkenny, in conjunction with the in-house training and development initiative, the company continues to attract talent to Entegro. Adding to this, the company is pleased to announce the inclusion of a graduate program for Design Engineers and continues to develop its apprenticeship program and looks forward to further progressing its already highly skilled talent pipeline internally.

Posted on 31 Aug 2022.

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